Plans For AMUOBA


  1. We are committed to support a Competent Senior Aligarian for the post of President AMUOBA.
  2. AMUOBA website will be developed and given a face to make it look attractive and informative.
  3. E- Tehzeeb will be added to the AMUOBA website that will enables Aligarians from around the world to access the monthly activities by AMUOBA and associated bodies.
  4. Efforts will be made to add E-Books on AMUOBA Website of Famous Alig Writers so that readers can benefit and derive knowledge of immense use.
  5. Thorough Scrutiny of All Members will be carried out and Membership Data will be Updated which includes Deceased, Missing Contact Details etc.
  6. Electronic Data Base will be created to maintain accurate Membership Data so that to have an easy access.
  7. Membership Card will be distributed to all members so that they can have uninterrupted visit to AMUOBA and its affiliated Institutions and also the discount deals will be worked out on different products like Diagnostic Labs, Hospitals, Health Insurances, Restaurants, Air Fares, Clubs, Recreational Activities etc.
  8. AMUOBA Members Quota will be provided in Admissions on AIT/ SSUET and waiver in Tuition Fee for Member’s Children will be ensured so that AMUOBA Members can benefit immensely.
  9. Appropriate utilization of AMUOBA Benevolent Fund, which was established for needy Senior Alig Members, will be ensured.
  10. Get together for Alig Members will be arranged on Saturdays so that Alig Members can interact and discuss matters of mutual interest and benefit from each other’s experience.
  11. Family Dinner of Aligarians will be held on every first Friday of each month so that families of members can interact with each other.
  12. Social and Cultural Functions such as Alig Day, Sir Syed Day, Mushaira, Eid Milan, Milad, Family Comedy Shows etc. will be organized on regular basis so that Members, staff and students can participate and enjoy the events.
  13. Bi-Annual Picnics for Members and their Families will be arranged so that Members can relax and enjoy from their regular daily office/business schedule.

Free transport will be provided to Senior Aligarians upon their request to facilitate them to attend AMUOBA sponsored Social Programs.