History of AMUOBA


History witnessed a mass scale migration which took place across the border when Pakistan was carved out of the subcontinent in 1947. A large majority of the migrants headed towards Karachi from their ancestral town in India. Many migrants that poured into Karachi were from Aligarh. These included many Alumni of Aligarh Muslim University and comprised professionals in the fields of medicine, engineering, law, education/academics, officers such as ICS officers, railways, etc. Large numbers of politicians, architects, members of civil bureaucracy, highly educated men and women from AMU (as well as students who migrated without completing their education) were also a part of these migrants.

In this period of turmoil, the new born country was in dire need of trained, dedicated and capable professionals, etc. who would not only cater to amelioration of the different urgent needs and difficulties of the migrating masses but also take the creation, administration and management of the various government departments of the new state. This vacuum was very ably filled to a great extent by AMU Alumni.

As the situation gradually improved and the nation-state become somewhat stable, the Aligarians strongly felt that it was essential to integrate and consolidate this great numbers of intellectuals on one platform to effectively utilize their collective potential for taking Pakistan forward.

A few very sincere members of this community-with General (R) Shahid Hamid in the forefront spear headed this task by contacting Aligarians for this purpose. Ultimately a decision was reached to from an association (to be called Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association) which will not only wok strengthening the AMU community and solve various problems being forced by them but more importantly become an engine for developing and spreading educational and cultural activities. These efforts culminated in the formation of Aligarh Muslim University Old Boy’s Association when the application for its formal registration under society’s registration Act XXI (1860) was duly approved on May 21, 1948.

The Association continued the pursuit of its aims and objectives with persistence and commitment. Each passing year rewarded its effort with successes. Many Aligarians played a great role in this success story. One can reality recall names of some of the prominent key players: Justice Z.H. Lari, K.M. Ishaq, S.N. Ahmad, MazharHussain Naqvi, A.I. Usmani, A.D. Najmi, S.S. Jafri, Justice Inaamullah Khan, and Khwaja Waheed, to name a few. Included amongst these torch-bearers is the name of Mohammad Zakir Ali Khan, too, who later became the Honorary Secretary General on May 14, 1961, a post that he held till his last breath in February 2012.

All the earlier Presidents and Secretary Generals indisputably contributed a lot towards the betterment and success of the Association however the role played by Mr. Zakir Ali Khan was significantly stellar and prominent throughout. The Association constantly worked forward during his long tenure as if infused by a new spirit and vigor never seen before. He always remained in contact with Aligarians in all walks of life and none may deny all his tireless and selfless efforts which he made ,not at all for his own benefits, but only for the betterment and the welfare of Aligarians.

Engr. Zakir Ali Khan’s motto ‘It is not necessary to do things with great magnitude, but the important factor is that each and every one should contribute something of value to the society’ reinforcing the idea of working collaboratively and collectively gained its life at the time when another leading member Engr. Z.A. Nizami joined hands with Engr Zakir Ali Khan in his determined and noble lifelong struggle towards the wellbeing of AMOUBA.

Engr. Z.A. Nizami was a staunch believer that ‘Education is the new game-changer that enhances economic growth and human development to alleviate poverty. The education frees the spirit from the chains of ignorance and no country has succeeded without educating its people’ And it is precisely this motivation that made him Z.A. Nizami to produce engineers who areready to take on the competitive world with not only deep academic insight and technical know-how, but also armed with values and ethics that help in grooming a well-rounded personality. To serve the purpose, he along wiht his fellows established Aligarh Institute of Technology (AIT) and Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET).

Engr. Zakir Ali Khan, the General Secretary and Engr. Z. A. Nizami, the President of Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association, indeed played a pivotal role in strengthening the Association and took it to unreachable heights. They have absolutely been the torch bearers of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s mission throughout their lives. To keep pace with the constant changing world of information technology, they made hard efforts to initiate the system to prepare future leaders to succeed in the competitive world of professionals with their extra ordinary skill and outstanding ability.

Engr. Z.A. Nizami, a man with substance and great vision, resonating the legacy of Engr. Zakir Khan not only developed and incorporated the idea of imparting high-standard, updated knowledge of engineering in the most effective way at Aligarh Institute of Technology and Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology but it is through his substantial work and strategically planned managerial skills; both institutions emerged as the best centres in town for learning contemporary technological skills and knowledge.

It can be claimed with no fear of dissent that Engr. Zakir Khan and Engr. Z.A. Nizami both played key role in shaping the Association. Nonetheless, the success lies in appreciation for goodness. Our Association is like a tree, the leaves (proponents) may change but out roots remain the same therefore our aim is the same ‘Grow and let others grow’.

Continuing the legacy of Engr. Zakir Ali Khan and Engr. Z.A. Nizami we, followers and well-wishers (Aligarians/ SSUETIANS) of Engr. Zakir Khan Panel, are committed to take AMUOBA/ AIT/ SSUET towards new horizons of growth and success.