Message From Presidental Candidate


A decisive day is yet to witness again.

I am sure that you are aware of the power that your basic right to vote holds. I am also sure that you will utilize your strength in the best of the benefits and will elect a Management Committee which will look after the affairs of the Association and Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology effectively. The Management Committee will be spearheaded by the President of the AMUOBA to ignite and pilot the desired transformations to enhance the standard of the SSUET within the educational community. I express my profound gratitude to announce that Zakir Ali Khan Panel has choosen me to run for the post of President of AMUOBA in the forth coming election which is to be held on 29th December, 2018.

I am a proud Aligarian, who completed Master in 1965 and subsequently hold my Ph.D. from Aligarh Muslim University. Since then my association with AMOUBA has advanced without seeing any return. During this time period I was also very actively involved in co-curricular activities and got hold of many championships in various fields.I feel very fortunate enough to become common room champion (1963), Athelitcs champion (1964) and then University Athletics Captain (1965). Adding to this, I am University color holder as well for my Sports achievements.

During the ten years of my residence in Aligarh University , I have not only acquired how to live and behave under various conditions and face problems but also have experienced to embrace all possible humble traditions, disciplines. All of this has helped in achieving my desired goals under various circumstances.

Throughout my service, I have actively been involved in Research and Development area for more than last 45 years at various levels and still doing the same. I have an extensive experience in research as well as development sector and my key area of research is Alternate sources of energy. Simultaneously, I always have an urge to do something valuable and productive for Association and I feel very much humble to state that I developed a model unit for the production of Bio-diesel. This Unit was initially set-up at SSUET (2006) and was later inaugurated by Government of Pakistan. Honorable Nizami Saheb was instrumental in this inauguration and testing of the produced Biodiesel in SSUET Diesel generators.

It was because of my aim of giving my best of the services to Association that SSUET gave me an opportunity to run in the AMUOBA elections 2012 and I feel myself privileged to have been elected as Honorary Joint Secretary Sports. Therefore, my memory with AMOUBA and SSUET is not new but keeps a record of bright history. I have re-established Chemical & Material testing Laboratory in Civil Engineering Department – SSUET. I have also donated Lab Equipment worth of around 1.4 Million Rupees for R & D along with Ninety Research Books for Architecture & Bio-Medical department of SSUET.

This time once again, I have been offered the opportunity to work for the Association with great zeal and dedication. Please know that I am deeply committed to the work towards SSEUT and to provide essential services for everyone who is connected to this institute in any way, along with the mission of being committed to educating and prospering even beyond our reach.

I am very hopeful and looking forward to this election as it offers us another great opportunity to take AMUOBA/SSUET towards new horizons of growth and success. There is so much to accomplish, and we must build upon our recent successes to deliver real and tangible results for the AMUOBA community.

It would be an honor to be elected as PRESIDENT to run AMUOBA, AIT and SSUET and I sincerely hope you take part in the election process and consider me for your vote.Let me assure you that with the active support of my senior colleagues, desired supportive field work of the SSUET Alumini, we will achieve the needful goals effectively. We know what we desire and what we should achieve.





Jafar Nazir Usmani

Presidential Candidate


AMUOBA Election -2018