Plans For AIT / SSUET / 200 Acre Education City



It is our vision to make AIT/ SSUET a state of Art Institute/ University in all domains to meet the international university standards which includes research centre, upgraded laboratories, multimedia classrooms/ mini Auditoriums and latest books in the existing and future library.

We understand that it’s our responsibility to encourage and sustain long-term, well grounded, free and curiosity-driven research. This important mandate should characterize the university in the coming years. High standards in a broad range of disciplines lay the foundation for multi- and interdisciplinary research of quality, societal relevance and innovation. Our plan is to open more chapters/ Campuses of AIT and SSUET so that technical education needs of Pakistani students in general and Karachi students in particular can be met and introduce Modern Education System and will emphasize on Moral Education as well.

Particular Areas of Development

  1. Induction of new technologies and research oriented PhD programs.
  2. Establish R & D Department to promote research work and to facilitate students and faculty in research related work.
  3. Collaborate with other Universities and Industries to learn from their experiences and adopt best practices.
  4. Attainment of funds from HEC, national and international industry.
  5. Adhere the standards to Improve HEC ranking.
  6. Support faculty for higher education, research and industrial experience.
  7. Develop strong collaboration with HEC and PEC.
  8. Capacity building of staffs through sponsored and funded trainings.
  9. Research grants to students and faculty.
  10. Smart utilization of building and infrastructures.
  11. Sign MoU with the companies for student training
  12. HEC research papers and journals will be available in library.
  13. National & International MoUS will be signed with Universities.
  14. International Seminars will be organized.
  15. Clean drinking water for staffs and students will be available.
  16. Construction of new Toilets and rest rooms for female staffs/students.
  17. Work with experts in shifting the energy utilization to Solar Energy.
  18. Construction of State of the Art Conference Room in AIT.
  19. Master Planning of SSUET City Campus/ 200 Acre Land in Education City.
  20. Construct of new and modern Library as instructed by HEC.
  21. Efforts will be made for Regularization of AIT/ SSUET Land from SBCA.
  22. SSUET Block C & D will be named after famous Aligharians.
  23. Improve health, hygiene and safety standards.
  24. Adhere Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policies to provide safe and healthy workplace.
  25. Provide updated computerized facilities to all students, faculty and staff.
  26. Implement Campus on Cloud System including Online Attendance and Examination System.
  27. Install Wi-Fi facility across the university campus so that students, faculty and staff can have un-interrupted access to internet.
  28. Develop an advance and user friendly SSUET website.
  29. Establish a Digital Library for the benefit of students and faculty and for facilitation in research related work.
  30. Onboard highly qualified and experienced faculty to improve the teaching standard.
  31. Ensure that merit will be the sole criteria not only in admissions, examinations but also in financial support (scholarship / help).
  32. Sponsorship for Position Holders for Master/ PHD Program abroad.
  33. Introduce new fields in Continuing Education Program of SSUET.
  34. Pay scales for all cadres of AIT/ SSUET employees will be revised and bring them on par with market standards.
  35. Special incentives and bonuses to all AIT/ SSUET employees will be made based on their annual performance.
  36. Provident fund for permanent employees with equal contribution from employer will be ensured.
  37. Liberal paid time off which includes annual leaves, sick leave, casual leave and maternity leave will be continued and ensured.
  38. Employees Annual Progress Report will be introduced to appraise their performance.
  39. Annual Picnics for Staff/ Students will be arranged for recreation, relaxation and enjoyment.
  40. Rule book of both AIT and SSUET will be upgraded.
  41. Policies & Procedures will be prepared so that they adhere to the ISO standards.
  42. Facilitate staff and their dependents with Health Insurance Coverage including Maternity benefits.
  43. Facilitate all employees, their spouses, children and parents with Life insurance coverage.
  44. Enhance the end of service benefits of staff.
  45. Reward & Recognition Strategies will be introduced to improve the quality of work and to encourage healthy competitive environment at work place.
  46. Plans to develop, introduce and implement a mechanism for staff growth – promotions and job rotations.
  47. Introduces and implement an ERP system to effectively manage the organizational systems.
  48. Long Service Awards followed by Annual dinner for staff in recognition of their services will be introduced.
  49. Introduce and Implement Document Management System and promote email culture to save papers and proper tracking of documents.
  50. Ensure Regular Deans and Chairman Meeting for policy checking and improvements
  51. Ensure that all Chairmen should prepare the future plan of their department and set their targets accordingly.

New Projects

  1. Construction of more buildings in SSUET as as per attached Master Plan.
  2. Master Plan will be developed for the development of 200 Acre Land in Education City.
  3. Sir Syed Medical College will be constructed on 200 Acre Education City which will benefit immensely students of Karachi in general and children of members in particular aspiring for Medical education.
  4. A Donor Funded I.T Park will be constructed on 200 Acre Education City (Donor already arranged).
  5. A Donor’s Funded, Mixed Use Building (Auditorium, Club House, Sports Complex and Mosque) will be constructed on existing parking area for AMUOBA Members, AIT/ SSUET Employees and Students that will have following facilities:
    1. Auditorium for 1,000 Persons.
    2. Club House: Chess, Snooker Tables, Novels/ Magazines Reading Area.
    3. Cafeteria along with spacious and centrally air-conditioned Dining Area.
    4. International Standard Body Fitness Gymnasium.
    5. Indoor Games Arena for Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Judo, Volley Ball,
    6. Swimming Pool exclusively for Members and Employees. Only AIT/ SSUET Games Teams will be allowed to use sports facilities.
    7. Multi-Level Basement Car Park.
    8. Mosque.
  6. Committed to complete the construction of Sir Syed Tower and convert it into an International Level Business Institute.
  7. Establish Zakir Ali Khan & Z.A Nizami Chair (Research Centers) at Sir Syed Tower.
  8. Develop Incubation center through sponsorship at Sir Syed Tower.